Belly Dance Workshop

Rhythm, Roots & RAQ Belly Dance Workshop
May 6, 2017, 12 – 2 p.m.
MAC Ice House

We believe the greatest pleasure in belly dancing is forgetting that you are dancing….not focussing on a memorized choreography, but dancing your joy of the music in real time.  Despite sounding crazy, spontaneous movement in the belly dance aesthetic can be learned, and you can find tremendous joy in the process.

Like a sports playbook, the Jensuya Belly Dance Playbook Series 2017 Masterclass Workshops contain the strategies, plays, tactics, and methods that we believe will bring you joy and skill on your belly dance journey.  Our Rhythm, Roots & RAQ workshops are “organic, sustainable & holistic” belly dance.

Organic – we teach you fundamental and intricate belly dance technique as we teach you melody & rhythm.

Sustainable – we teach you how to hear & respond to the music in real time with belly dance moves, combinations & phrasing.

Holistic – we guide you on a virtual cultural journey abroad through the art form of belly dance.

With our distinctive teaching methods by our dancer-drummer teaching team, Jensuya & Bob, each masterclass workshop, becomes a detailed reference guide that gets stored in your subconscious where your spirit learns to retrieve belly dance skills as you spontaneously dance to the music, whether a beginner or more experienced dancer.


Each workshop spotlights:

  • Featured rhythm
  • Theme song
  • New combination
  • Transition technique
  • Cultural motif

“You you have a gift, a talent working together…this truly sets you apart from other belly dance instructors”—J.W.

Wear comfortable and stretchy clothing and socks or flat sandals (clean of street dirt), or go barefoot;  bring your favorite hip scarf, or add to your collection with one of ours that are for sale.

Check out our short instruction videos here: