Local Television with a Purpose

Established in 2014, the innovative DMC promotes the use of online and local media channels. Its activities and classes encourage community members to produce original, thought-provoking, non-commerical content.

The DMC is committed to enhancing the quality of the community by providing:

a forum for the exchange of ideas on issues and topics of community interest
a source for educational and training opportunities
a facility to enhance artistic and creative expression
Whether you want to produce your own show or you’d just like to volunteer on someone else’s, DMC has training programs so that you can learn the elements of production and how to use our equipment. An internship program is designed for students seeking more structured, in-depth training in video production. A sweat-equity program allows participants to volunteer time on productions in exchange for workshop fees.

Start with an orientation class, regularly held on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm. Call 304-258-2300 to enroll.

A full description of workshops for adults and youth is here: MAC DMC Core Courses

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