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Belly Dance Workshop, Oct. 1, 2016

Belly Dance Berkeley Springs
How do you make a drum solo look fabulous and have fun no matter what level of skill you have? Join dancer-drummer team Jensuya and Bob at this open level workshop and learn their groundbreaking techniques in crafting a spectacular dance. With the advantages of live drumming, the insight of a musician, and a dancer-instructor with over a decade of experience entertaining both inside and outside the belly dance community, you will learn the essential drum solo concepts and moves in this masterclass.

Bossa Nova Belly Dance in Berkeley Springs

Belly Dance Berkeley Springs
Sleepy Creek
Bossa Nova Belly Dance in the Heart of Appalachia is a collaboration among cinematographer/filmmaker Robert Peak, musician-composer Roger Aldridge and belly dancer Jennifer "Jensuya" Carpenter-Peak. Filmed near Berkeley Springs in the Appalachian Mountains of Morgan County, West Virginia, Bossa Nova Belly Dance is to "Twilight Sail" (copyright 1994, Roger Aldridge, BMI, all rights reserved) composed by Roger Aldridge and performed and recorded by David Arivett.
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