Take Care of Our Environment in April and All Year long.


In April, Remember to….. Take Care of Our Environment !

It’s APRIL – time to refresh and renew our interest in the outdoors. Think green……..“ Spring Green.” Pick a nice day, go outside, take a deep breath and smell the vigorous fresh spring breeze. Ahhhhhhhhhh……

That big breath of fresh air in our lungs is a good reminder to renew our commitment to the outdoor environment. What we take care of today will be preserved for future generations. This is a time for us to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the natural world.

“The supreme reality of our time… is the vulnerability of this, our planet”

John F. Kennedy

It is vital to the future of our community that we all share a sacred sense of stewardship for our environment. Passing that sense of reverence on to our children this month is the challenge. Be creative and help them see that we humans are responsible for much of what happens to our world.

We know that our environment is made up of our surroundings, what we see, hear, and breathe. What we often forget is that there is another climate that we live in – the climate of our own relationships. Just for fun, here are a few silly jokes to boost your climate. They are only loosely connected to the environment but – so what.

Q. Where do baby cows eat?

A. In the Cafeteria

Last night I had a dream that I was a tailpipe.

I woke up exhausted.

Have a sunny breezy month. Think spring green. Take care of your environment.

Goal for the Month: Select a personal, (or family or neighborhood) environmental project and then do something about it. Think about the rest of the world and environmental organizations that would appreciate your financial support.

“Together We Can Brighten the World We All Share”

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