Water Leak Adjustment Request Form

Water Leak Adjustment Request Form

Berkeley Springs Water Works

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Customers may request an adjustment to their water bill due to high usage resulting from an accidental break in the customer’s service line between the meter and foundation. Forms may be obtained By clicking here fill in the blanks and bring it to the office.  Once received, your request will be submitted to the Water Committee for review and consideration. You will then be notified of their decision. The Berkeley Springs Water Works WILL NOT consider or make adjustments for repeated leaks, leaking fixtures (such as commodes, faucets, etc.), or where poor quality materials are used by the customer. Prior to any consideration of an adjustment to your bill, the Berkeley Springs Water Works must have verification that a leak actually occurred and that the leak was repaired. Evidence of repair, such as a copy of any bills for repair materials or plumber’s repair bill, will help expedite the Berkeley Springs Water Work’s review of the adjustment request. If your request is approved the Berkeley Springs Water Works will follow the requirements as outlined in the current Tariff set forth by the WV Public Service Commission. The Berkeley Spring Water Works will only honor one leak adjustment per a twelve (12) month period and may not span more than one billing period.


Customers may apply for a Deferred Payment Agreement with the Berkeley Springs Water Works if unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances occur which make it difficult to meet the obligation of their water bill by the due date / and or termination date.  Customers must also provide pertinent documentation of such hardship, for example.  Loss of employment, unexpected Medical expenses, etc. Customers shall make application for a deferred payment agreement PRIOR to TERMINATION at the Berkeley Springs Water Works Billing office. Agreements will not be taken over the phone. Only one (I) Deferred Payment Agreement will be honored in a twelve (12) month period, depending upon additional circumstances. Customers who default on a Deferred Payment Agreement will be subject to Termination of Water Service.